Young Filmmakers - Actors - Communicators Scholarship Application

(to attend CONTENT2022)

Please Read This First, Then Proceed to #1 Below.

Why are we Providing Scholarships?

Our heart is to help empower the next generation of filmmakers, actors, communicators and media leaders with a powerful tool to help our community and nation.
One scholarship covers all 4 days at the conference and 7 meals and a bootcamp.
(it does not cover travel and housing).

Who Qualifies as a Young Filmmaker?

 Any person who is ages 5 to 30, who is an actor, writer, screenwriter, producer, director, designer, editor, production, news journalist, marketer, distributor...If you are in the industry of media we want you at CONTENT2022!  If you are under 18, we have special rates for a parent(s) or chaperone(s).


Step 1. Contact Details

Step 2. A Few Questions

A. Why do you want to Attend CONTENT2022?

B. Who Referred You?

C. How many days or partial days were you wanting to attend CONTENT2022?

Step 3. Can you tell us what you are currently doing in media or in the media industry?

Step 4. Can you provide one person who can vouch for your character?

Step 5. Read and Check the Box

1. Filling out this application does not guarantee we can place you into our scholarship program to attend CONTENT2022.
2. We ask if you are accepted to have a great attitude at the conference and to display respect for all attending.
3. We DO NOT provide any travel and/or housing expenses or visas or letters to enter the USA.

Thank you so much!

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