ALL TRAILERS (film, doc, promo, book, poc)

Note: This form is for CONTENT2024 Media Conference (Sept 23-27).

Step 1. Read/Agree to Terms

Guidelines for Submission:

1. DEADLINES - to submit your reel(s)/trailers.
Deadlines: May 31st, 2024

Anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes (no longer) for any and all reels (including: actor, stunt, bts, director, trailers, promos, vo, composer), Music videos can be up to 5 minutes.
You CAN submit up to TWO for each category.
Any Reel(s) submitted over 3 minutes will be disqualified.

1b. SUBJECT MATTER: Prohibited content includes pornography, nudity, sexually explicit scenes, heavy offensive language, cursing, using the Lord's name in vain, sorcery, strong gore and horror (you get the picture!).

2. NOMINATIONS: A representative must be registered in one of two ways, for your demo reel(s) to be eligible to be screened and/or for awards :
A. On-site full registration
B. Virtual format registration
(Note: If you cannot attend - we would ask that you designate a representative to accept if you win. The rep. can be your agent, a family member, friend, associate, "the local mayor", however someone must be there to accept if you win).

- Your actor or stunt demo reel should consist of clips from the many roles you have acted or did stunts (ie Movies, Films, Shorts, Documentaries, TV Shows, Trailers, Commercials, etc).
- BTS reels should consist of your best BTS clips.
- Directors reels should consist of some of the best films/content you have directed.
You can submit one for each category.

4. AUTHORITY TO SUBMIT: All submissions must be submitted by an individual who has the authority / permission to submit.

4a. SUBMISSIONS: note please do not submit the same reel two conferences in a row, unless you submit it to a different category.

5. RIGHT OF REFUSAL: CONTENT2024 has the right of declining any submission that they deem is not appropriate or for any reason. Filmmaker agrees to accept the decisions made by the judges gracefully and to not slander or belittle the Conference or other entries.

6. RIGHT TO PRESENT : By entering a submission, the Filmmaker agrees to allow the content to be screened, if nominated and there is room in the schedule to screen.

7. SUBTITLES : Submissions that contain significant non-English dialogue must include English subtitles.

8. MATURE AUDIENCE IDENTIFICATION : If your submission contains content that is not suitable for younger viewers, Filmmaker must identify this in their submission form.

9. REFUNDS : CONTENT2024 cannot give refunds as we are a ministry, as the funds come in they are allocated to expenses for the conference. Registrations are also non-refundable, but may be transferred.

10. ACCEPTANCE: Filmmaker agrees to accept the decisions made by the judges gracefully and to not slander or belittle the Conference or other entries.

May the LORD Bless you and give you FAVOR!

Step 2. Choose a Category

Regular - 5/31/2024

  • Stunt must be from a scene


Step 3. Details and Screener Link

Step 4. Contact Details

Step 5. Confirm Amount and Process


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